Good morning from Marquette! This morning I enjoyed a nice breakfast with Norwegian crisp bread, sent to me by my mum, pineapple, tea and juice. Perfect start to the easter weekend. I'm soon off to the gym for a quick run and then I will have to work on my Hip Hop routine for Orlando next week. The girls back home are training so hard, so I have to make sure that I do the same here, and hopefully I have learned everything correct. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing weekend in some sunny weather.

I have never seen worse weather than in Marquette. I mean it's April 17th today and it's snowing like crazy outside, and it do not look like it will stop for a while. Right now I'm so thankful that I'm leaving for Orlando in 6 days, that trip is so much needed. I'm so jealous of all of you in Norway, with sunny and warm weather!! Well enough complaining, at least I have a birthday party to look forward to tonight. One more class and the weekend is finally here, I'm going to Iron Mountain and on Saturday it's time for eater dinner at his grandparents house. Hope you all are enjoying a nice Easter.  

I love this picture! Her hair, makeup, the rings on her hand and her shorts is awesome. Perfect festival look. This summer I will be attending Slottsfjell festivalen in Norway, and I'm beyond excited, it's always a lot of fun. The band I'm most looking forward to see is without a doubt HAIM, I love their music and I have big expectations to their live performance. Are you attending any festivals this summer?

Today Aino picked me up around 12 and we went to the grand opening of the new yoghurt ice cream place in Marquette, Yoop-Phoria! I've been missing aplace like this, so it was about time it got here, It almost felt like New York in there, not bad for this little town. This was definitely not the last time I will go there, perfect snack when it's to hot outside. 

The rest of this day was spent on homework and practicing for this weekends tryouts. Northern Michigan University's dance team are having their auditions this Saturday and Sunday, and I will tryout for the team. Wish me good luck. Have good weekend everyone.

So happy with my new shoes from Birkenstock! They where much needed for Orlando and summer.


Two weeks from today I will be on a plane to Orlando. In Orlando I will meet my Hip Hop cheer crew team KICK for the Dance Worlds 2014, worlds biggest dance competition. Do I need to mention how excited I am?!?! For 6 days we will be staying at an amazing hotel in Disney World, dance our ass off, see other incredible dancers and just have the time of our lives. I will off course write more about the trip, show you pictures and post the video of the competitions as soon as it's up on You tube. Let the countdown begin!! :) Enjoy the video above, you can see a little bit of what I can expect.


Most of the time I have here can probably be considered "me time", but the kind of "me time" I have had tonight I don't have to often. After a long day with school, working on papers that are due within the next two weeks and preparing for tomorrow math test, I finally found my way home.

 Last weekend I picked up the newest edition of Vogue with Kim and Kanye on the cover and I have been dying to read all about them. So after a long hot shower, washing my hair and moisturizing my body with my all time favorite body cream from Decubal. I really recommend this cream for winter dry skin, you can get it at Apoteket in Norway and it is definitely worth the money. I don't think there is any other cream that does the work as Decubal.  I have now crawled up in my bed with fresh cozy clothes, Vogue , water and my favorite nuts ready to relax before a new eventful day tomorrow. I hope all of you make sure to have a little "me time" once in awhile, it is so refreshing and energizing.

Today the weather was a lot nicer again, I even sat out in the sun reading the newest addition of Vogue for a little while. We also stopped at Tyler's dad today and I got to cuddle with this little guy for a while. Haha It doesn't really look like he want to cuddle with me, he is such a happy dog and so adorable! (miss my little Schifo when I'm with Oscar). Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

So just forget everything I wrote about spring in the last post..... This morning I woke up to 6 inches of snow, and it has been snowing non stop since then. It's so hard to put words to express how tired I am of this snow now. I read all these amazing fashion blogs and I'm longing to use my spring clothing. I feel like, or I actually have been wearing the same clothes for 3 months now, it is just so uninspiring looking through my closet. My current cravings right now are these shoes from Zara, I think they are so perfect in every way. I already know in my head how I want to style them for the upcoming spring. What do you guy think, you like it? 

Yesterday we finally had a little spring here in Marquette, it felt so good to be able to wear less clothes and feel the sun warming. I hope you all are doing good back in Norway. 42 days until I'm back and my summer vacation starts. Can't wait, even though I will miss my boyfriend a lot.

Alexander Wang shoes here, Vita Fede bracelet here, Free People dress here, Clutch by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent here, Acne shoes here, Wildfox sweater here, Wildfox sunglasses here.

Looking through Shopbop this weekend, I found so much I would like to have in my wardrobe for summer. A girl is allowed to dream.....

Sundays ? I?m not sure what it is about Sundays but they always seems to get me, it is just too little going on I guess and I get bored. Today I?ve been stuck with a headache, and also the homesickness are stronger on Sundays, especially after a weekend without my boyfriend.

As most of you know I?m competing in Dance Worlds in less than four weeks and today I got to know that we are using the new routine, not the one we took the silver medal with last June. For some reason I have assumed that we would use the old routine, which I already know really well. So now I have less than four weeks to learn the new routine on the top of that I have tryouts for the Northern Michigan dance team, a ton of homework and exams coming up. So after having a ?mental? breakdown, I had to make a plan for myself. Every step of the three next weeks are written down in my agenda, I will work hard and stay focused.

Less fast food and Starbucks treats, more homework, healthy choices, workouts and days filled with dance. I can do it!

This weekend I'm staying here in Marquette, while my boyrfriend will be in Iron Mountain. There is a lot going on at school, and so much homework that needs to be done. Today Aino and I went to a cycling class before we went to my favorite spot Third Street Bagel, we sat there for four hours doing homework, and when I came home I finshed my math homework for the weekend as well. As you can see I ended the evening with pizza, Norske Talenter and online shopping. I bought two new sweaters from shopbop, much needed.

There is not much that reminds me of spring here in Marquette. Outside my window there's a bunch of snow, and more is falling down from the sky. People tells me that I should be ready for winter all of April as well!! I can't do much about it, but I'm trying to make it nice and cosy inside at least. Love this tray that I got from Target, and the owl from Anthropologie.

I have never been a typical lipstick/lipgloss girl, but latley I have been using it a lot more and also found some favorites of mine.
I love the smell of Nivea Lip Butter, caramel my all time favorite. EOS has been a must for my lips for a long time and I think this is the best lipbalm out there. Lipstick from MAC is my favorite (someone told me to try NARS, so I will def do that too), it is long lasting and don't make my lips to dry. This pink one is in the color, IMPASSIONED A41. Standing in line at Victoria Secret a few weeks back, I decided to try one of their lipglosses. Wow, why haven't I done that earlier, this is by far the best lipgloss I have ever tried, and it smells like heaven too (love berry).

What is your favorite lipstick or lipgloss? Colors?

Some of my latest picture from my instagram account. Soon 600 followers, and soon there will be a giveaway! Follow me @ Sequiin

1. A closer look at some of my silver rings. 2. In love with my new design, hope you like it too. 3. In bed sick, last sunday. 4. Wearing my new vintage levis pants, bought at Goodwill. 5. Painted my nails yesterday with my favorite color atm. 6. More detalies. 7. Coffee, starbucks I love you. 8. Nike's for spring, current craving. 9. Reading Norwegian magazines and enjoying a cup of tea.

I just have to post this picture of my amazing hip hop cheer crew team KICK, who took the gold medal in the Norwegian championship today. I am so proud of these girls, they have worked so hard the last months, and today all the hard work payed off. HEIA NORGE! They where simply the best team out there today. I was watching everything live from the USA with tears in my eyes, so so proud. Miss them a lot.

In one month I will join them again in Orlando, where we will be competing in Dance Worlds 2014. So excited to compete with them again, and to see them all. Their like a little family to me. KICK i mitt <3


Yeej, finally it's friday and the weekend is here. I started this friday meeting my friend Aino for a 45 min cycling class at the PIEF, it's always really nice to start the weekend with a workout. After my workout I went to my favorite spot here in Marquette, Third street Bagel, where I sat for 2 hours doing homework, eating a nice bagel and enjoying my coffee.

I'm back in my apartment now, waiting for Gage to pick me up. I'm going to Iron Mountain this weekend, to see my boyfriend. This is the last time i will be sleeping in his grandparents house, since they are coming back from Florida in two weeks. This weekend will be all about relaxing and doing homework. Four more weeks before I'm going to Orlando, and there is a lot todo before that. Hope you all have a good friday! Enjoy your weekend.

After I saw Dani Song wearing the orange Proenza Schouler bag I have not been able to get it out of my head. It is just so perfect! But unfortanally the price is not something I can afford as a student, but I found a really good replacement. Rebecca Minkoff's mini MAC cross over bag is almost as good as the Proenza Schouler bag, and the price is definitely much better. You can get it here. (Geeze, I know I wrote luxury wrong)

Scarf//Cubus Sunnies//Anthropologie Jacket//Vintage Lee Cardigan//Acne Sweater/Pants//Bik Bok Purse//Gucci Watch//Michael Kors

It is still winter here in Marquette, but the temperature are slowly rising. So lately I have been using my boyfriends Lee jacket and just made sure that I have enough layers underneath.

What do you guys thing of my new blog design? I love it and I think it's fun with some changes. I haven't been feeling to well lately which I hate, but hopefully things will get better again soon. I'm off to school now, English, math, business and in my last entrepreneurship class I have a exam waiting for me... It's only 7 weeks left of this semester so I just got to keep on doing my best, and hopefully I can reach the goals I have made for myself. I'll post the rest of my outfit later. Have a good one!


Karl Lagerfeld you are brilliant! Love this fashion show from Chanel's ready-to-wear collection F/W 2014/15.

Good morning! Sola skinner i Iron Mountain i dag og det er ventet pluss grader. Jeg starter lørdag med skikkelig morgen kos, er det noe jeg setter pris på så er det morgen stunden. Elsker å kose meg aleine med blader, blogger, te, frukt og for anledning mørk sjokolade. En perfekt start på dagen. Håper dere har en fin lørdag i Norge, har hørt rykter om at dere fikk se sola igjen i dag også. Jeg har sett mye til sola i det siste, men lite til pluss gradene. Det er ikke mye som minner om vår her enda, så jeg må nok smøre meg med tålmodighet en liten månede til. Takk til alle dere som leser bloggen min og legger igjen søte kommentarer, det setter jeg veldig stor pris på :)

New nailpolish for spring. Love the colors on both of them. Don't bossa nova me around has a really nice light purple color, and Live.Love.Carnaval has bright peach color. Love them both!!

Scarf/Sweater//Acne Jeans/bag//Bik Bok Jacket//Boyfriend Iphone cover//Aeropostale Hat//Home knitted

Wow, it is way to bright outside to take pictures without sunnies... I forgot mine in Norway, but today I ordered a pair online. Much needed.

So after I got back into school, I have realized that I need to get glasses. My sight is so bad, that even if I'm sitting at the first row in the classroom, I still have trouble seeing the board. So next weekend I will get my sight checked, and hopefully get glasses. I'm trying to figure out what kind I want, I think they should be brown or lighter color. What do you guys think? any favorites from the pictures above?

Jeg våknet i natt av at jeg var så utrolig kvalm, og etter 15 minutter var det ingenting annet å gjøre enn å komme seg på badet! Kastet opp i natt, men har gudsjelov holdt på maten i dag. Det er dager som dette man skulle ønske man var i Norge, hvor jeg ville hatt te, kapteinkjeks med smør og gulost, og french fries!! Har for det meste ligget i sengen i dag, begynner å bli rimelig lei kan du si. Føler meg bedre nå, så håper jeg er frisk til i morgen.  Kjæresten har fått influensa så krysser fingrene for at jeg ikke blir smittet noe mer. ( bildet ble tatt i går, laster opp resten av antrekket i morgen, tirsdag)

My favorite stor at the moment is without a doubt Anthropologie. They have a mix of clothing, beauty products and home decor. I bought some few stuff there this weekend, but I wish I had bought more. I really want the copper products for my desk, and the "lamp", it will look so cool above my bed in my little apartment. You should all take a look at their webpage, I don't know if they ship to norway though.

Jeey, so here are the rest of the gifts I got for my birthday. So so happy with everything. I can't wait to bring my new scarf and bag to Milwaukee this weekend. I am going to try to save my candy for next week though, while Tylers at work I will be home doing homework. I have a business research that I need to start on, and I'm writing a business plan for a ballet studio. I can't belive SPRING BREAK is here already, which means that I am already half through my first semester at NMU, and it's only 76 days before I go back for my summer vacation. Time flies.

Now I got todo some serious packing, and then I'm off to this week last workout.

One of the gifts I got yesterday was this Michael Kors watch, which I already love. It's rose gold, with black snake leather print. Yesterday was good! Today school is closed, I'm supposed to go out and eat with some friends, but the weather is horrible, I hope they still want to come with me. I got some more gifts yesterday, Acne scarf, a beautiful bracelet, norwegian candy and money! Lucky girl :)

Wow, ble skikkelig glad når jeg våknet i dag å oppdaget at Angelicka Blick har laget en kolleksjon for Bik Bok. Personlig skulle jeg ønske den ble sluppet litt seinere så jeg var hjemme igjen, men jeg må nok få holdt av noe alikevel. Jeg liker veldig godt det vi har sett så langt, spesielt de to hvite skjørtene og blå mønstrede plaggene. Hva syns dere? Yes or no? Jeg stemmer for YES!!

legg meg til som venn

Jeg heter Cecilie og flyttet til USA i januar for å studere på Northern Michigan University i Marquette, hvor jeg studerer Business. Jeg har stor interresse for dans og mote. Hjemme i Norge jobber jeg som ekstrahjelp på Bik Bok Gulskogen, verdens beste arbeidsplass. I am hooked on social media and huge starbucks lover

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