This Sunday Aino and decided to go to Doncer's for breakfast. It's my last Sunday here in Marquette before I leave for Norway. Best pancake ever had, walnut banana pancake with fresh strawberry's and whipped cream. It was way to much though, so I had to take one with me home that I can enjoy for lunch. Unfortunately the handball game at tv2 sumo did not transfer to America, so instead I'm using vg-tv to keep track of the game. The rest of the day I would have to study for tomorrows business law exam! Really nervous about that exam, I hope I can do good! Hope you had a great weekend, I sure did.

One of my favorite store here in Marquette is Bath and Bodyworks. It's the same firm that owns Victoria Secret that has this store too, limited brands. I am hooked on their candles at the moment. They have all kinds of scented candles for the Christmas season, they are unbelievable!  I could spend hours in this store, smelling the candles and the body products that they have. I girls heaven!

I had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday with way to much turkey! Haha, don't think I am going to eat turkey in a while, but it was definitely worth it!
Today is the famous black Friday here in USA, I can see that most store in Norway are having Black Friday sales as well. I haven't been in the store yet today, but it actually started in most of the stores last night and I got a tripod for my camera for only 10$ at Walmart. Happy girl! Other stores that has good sales today is: Zara with 30% off, Anthropologie with 25% off and Victoria Secret has some good offers. Happy Shopping. We are soon off to see the latest Hunger Games movie with a friend couple.

Tried to make this morning a little better with a magazine and a cup of tea. It is - 10 degrees outside with a strong wind, which makes me really unhappy. I have about a 30 min walk to school everyday and it's just to freezing cold at the moment, but the winter have just started so I guess I need to suck it up and get used to it.

Thanksgiving week is coming up, so after Thursdays class I have a whole week off! I can't wait to spend the week in Iron Mountain, relaxing, hang out with friends, just chill and prepare for finals. The first weekend we are going to Appelton to visit Eric and Rachel, that should be fun I will also make sure to finish my Christmas gift shopping. Back to class for me now, I have a long day at school today!

ohhh okay this is perfection! I need these shoes ASAP. I know I posted something similar some weeks ago, but now this pair came in and took 1st place. I need size 37 and crossing my fingers that they will be under the Christmas three this year!! From Zara.

The winter has arrived! We had two snow day's this week, they close all schools because of the amount of snow and it's not stopping!! Looking out the window right now it is just covered with white. I am definitely getting into the Christmas spirit that for sure, it is so pretty outside and I'll rather have bunch of snow than rain all day. I love this beanie Renate gave me, it will keep me warm all winter!

I have been a Nike girl for years and still love that brand, but for a while now I have been looking for something to make my Hip Hop wardrobe more fun. I have always found it hard to find the perfect pants and cool t-shirts (that are not meant for boys). I'm so happy with the Adidas Originals collection and this new collection by Rita Ora is so freaking cool. I love the grey pants and the floral printed jacket. I think I need it is ASAP..... You can see the whole collection here. 

Burberry's new Christmas campaign is just to die for, it is so freaking adorable!! Romeo Beckham is such a cute, handsome, talented kid. Enjoy!

How has your weekend been so far? I have had a great weekend and a perfect Saturday hanging with Aino the whole day. (My finish friend here in Marquette). We started the day downtown where we went for tiny shopping spree and then we drove to Starbucks to do homework. They finally got Christmas flavors in store, I just had to have a gingerbread latte, so sooo good. November 1st  is here already and it feels kind of unbelievable, times goes by so fast. Today is my first day of real Christmas feeling this year and I'm so excited to go home for Christmas. Can't wait to celebrate in Norway with family and friends, only person missing would be Tyler... but hopefully we can celebrate next year together <3

It's late here, time to go to bed!


Happy Halloween! I am so excited for tonight I have bought a ton of candy and all I can ask for now is kids nocking on my door. It's 2pm here in Marquette right now and the kids will probably start going trick or treat around 4 - 5pm. The weather as been pretty crazy here today, but the sun is finally shining so the kids will have a good time tonight. When Renate was here some weeks ago we bought pumpkins and carved them, you can se the result in the first picture. Can you guess who I made? Haha!
The houses around here is decorated so nicely, people really go all in for this holiday.

I hope you all have a nice spooky weekend! Boooo

I'm so happy with my new earrings, I've been looking for them for long time and when I found them at Kohl's yesterday I just had to buy them. I like that they have that edgy look to them even tough it's pearls. They where only 8$ which was very budget friendly for my student wallet.

This was my last day with classes this week, which feels really good. Tonight I have dance practice with Golden Glitz, we will have one hour with the team and then we all are joining the zumba marathon that is going on tonight, should be fun. This weekend I am staying in Marquette, I'm so excited for Halloween tomorrow and I will spend the night at home giving out candy to the kids stopping by. Yeah! Trick or treat?!?

I should been sleeping by now, but for some reason I'm awake so why not give you guys a morning post to read. Today I had an interview with the director of the International Programs Office and I had a presentation. The interview went really well, didn't feel to good about my presentation, but hopefully my grade turns out good. After a long day of school me an my friend Aino went shopping. We managed to spend 2 1/2 hours shopping today, 1 hour at Ulta, an hour at Kohl's and then 30 min at Target...haha. There is not really that much to shop here, but still we manage to use hours of just looking and browsing around. I ended up buying some Christmas gifts and a pair of earrings that I really like, I will try to get a picture of them for you guys. Now it's time to say good night and good morning!  

Pictures: Marie Knive

I even got an article in the local news paper in Iron Mountain last weekend. You can read it here.
Er vel ikke alt som er skrevet som stemmer, men det er typisk USA. De liker a "skryte" mer enn oss normenn, vi har den dumme janteloven hengende over oss hele tiden.

I have had so much fun this weekend, I was asked to have a workshop at Donna's School of Dance and I am so thankful that she asked me. We been dancing 12 hours all together this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 21 dancers attended my workshop and wow did we have a lot of fun. Friday we had 3 hours hip hop, Saturday and Sunday we started off with 1 1/2 hours ballet and then hip hop 3 hours again. The kids have been working so hard and really impressed me a lot. I'll be back again in three weeks, we are putting together a routine for competition spring 2015 so we have to keep practicing.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm ready for a new intensive week with school, dance and workout's. Good night. <3

I can't believe it's Thursday already, this week has been going by so fast. I'm starting late today and a little me time with breakfast in bed has become a tradition for Thursday mornings. Last night I spent 2 1/2 hours in the dance studio, teaching jazz and preparing for this weeks workshop at Donna's Dance Studio. They even put up an article about me in the news paper, my second time being in Iron Mountains news paper...haha.

We are leaving to IM after my Golden Glitz practice tonight, so I have get started packing before I go to school. Can't wait to spend the weekend in IM at Tyler's grandparents, we always have such a good time. Btw: For those of you who wonder how my nails turned out....well not good, they did such a shitty job that there is no point in showing them. Next time I'll do it in IM again.  

Pictures: We Heart It

Welcome Saturday! Today Aino and I are going to the nail salon here in Marquette to fix our nails. I think I want something lighter this time and hopefully will they be able to make them fun as well. I really love the nails on the first picture by fashiiondiaries, crossing my fingers that they can do something like those. I'll stop by later to show you what we ended up with. We are also going to Northern Michigan's football game today, I haven't been to a game yet so I think it would be a lot of fun. Hope you all have a great Saturday.

Acne launched their first underwear collection two days ago and I love the high waist panties, looks so comfortable.
The model is Hildie Gifstad. We attended Gateway College together in NY and I think it's so cool that she still works as a model and got a campaign for Acne. Way to go!

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I have about one hour to relax in bed before I have to head into the shower and get ready for school. Fridays are usually my day off, but today I have a math replacement test at 3pm and then a lab to attend at 4.30pm. I'll be meeting a guy at school at 11 that will help me before my math test and hopefully will I do good enough to skip 090 math. Keep your fingers crossed today.

I'm going to try to get a dance session at the dance studio later tonight to, before I will spend the rest of the night at the couch! Hope you have a nice Friday, and enjoy your weekend. Just have to tell you that it makes me so happy to see that there is more and more people visiting my blog again. THANK YOU!

I got an A on my exam yesterday and I couldn't have been more happy!!
All my studying finally paid off.

Wow, this week is way to busy! There I a lot to do at school, we are half into the semester and the tests are coming more frequently as well has all the hand in assignments. On Monday I also realized that I had a new course starting, Microsoft Application for Business Solution. I was totally unprepared and wow does this class have a lot of homework, 2-3 assignments for each class...puh!

Today I have my Business law exam which I've been studying a lot for, so I really hope I can do good. On Friday my math replacement test is coming up and I really hope I can test out of math 090 and go straight to next level. If that wasn't enough, I have also signed up for two lab experiments to earn some extra credits.

And then there is dance! I love that i'm dancing as much a I do now. I have ballet classes two times a week. Wednesday night I have rehearsal for the dance concert where I'm choreographing a piece. Thursday nights I have Golden Glitz practice (my hip hop dance team at NMU). Friday and Sunday I will be in the studio preparing for next weekends workshop at Donna's Dance Studio in IM.

My weekend will be all about dance and homework.

Shopbop is having their 3 days, 25% off sale starting today!
There is so many pretty things there right now, I'm craving so much. My wallet on the other hand thinks I should stay away... haha.
Hope you find something you like. They have free shipping and usually delivers within 3 days.

I don't know if you remember that I was craving a pair of shoes from Zara last season that are pretty similar to these. Well, I never bought them and I have regret ever since, every time I walk into a Zara store I just have to ask if they still have the shoe. I know it was on sale, but every store is empty. Well now Zara got this pair and I love it even more then the last one. These might be mine this season...if my student money can afford it!

I don't have any classes before 11 on Thursdays, so I always try to have a relaxed morning with breakfast, blog reading and Good Morning America. (Americas, God Morgen Norge). The other nice part about starting late is that I actually get a change to look through my wardrobe and dress a little nicer for the day. Usually I have ballet in first class and it's so hard to dress functional and cool for both ballet and school at the same time...

My favorite cup from Arne Jacobsen,. For Christmas I wish for more cool stuff from his design.
Sweater//Mary Kate and Ashley Bik Bok Cardigan//Acne Leather pants//Topshop Rings//Bjorg/Maria Black/Urban Outfitters/Pilgrim Bracelet//Evfa Attling

If you ever find your self in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee area) you would have to stop at a Colectivo Café. Forget all about Starbucks, this coffee is so good, the green smoothie was amazing and their food is healthy and delicious. To bad this concept is only located in Wisconsin, I really hope it will expand and find it's way up to the Upper Peninsula.

Two weekends ago I fixed my nails in Iron Mountain again. This time I went for a deep burgundy/pink ish color and I couldn't have been more happy.

Since Renate was here visiting me this week we decided to take a road trip this weekend. We rented a car and drove down to Milwaukee, where we stayed 3 nights in a hotel.  It takes 1 1/2 by train from Milwaukee to get to Chicago. We ordered tickets and 8 am Friday morning we sat on the train towards Chicago. Either of us had ever been in Chicago so we planed on being real tourists for the day. I took a lots of pictures for you to enjoy.

The first place to visit in Chicago is without a doubt The Willis Tower, best known as Sears Towers. This is USA's tallest building and 8th tallest in the Word at 1,450 feet!! On a clear day you cab see four states from the tower, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. This is a must see in Chicago, and off course you have to go to the Skydeck Ledge at the 103rd floor.

 You can see the four glass boxes all the way at the top of the building.

Another must see in Chicago is the famous silver bean - Cloud Gate.

Even though shopping was not our priority in Chicago, we had to visit Michigan street, it reminded me of 5th avenue in New York City a lot of high fashion stores. We had to stop at Topshop, Bloomingdale and Zara. There was a lot more to visit, but with a low budget we had to control our self. We ended the night at The Navy Pier where ate dinner and had some drinks.

10 hours went by really fast and I will definitely go back to Chicago again!!

Renate snapped this picture of me yesterday, I'm so happy with this sweater and I know it will be used a lot this winter. Today we are going on a road trip! We will be driving to Milwaukee tonight, then our plan is to do some serious shopping there tomorrow and on Friday we are going to Chicago! Can't wait to see a new city and have some fun, we are going to be real tourists and visit all must seen places in Chicago. The camera will off course come with me.  

I love to change up my background once in a while, but I don't always have time to make the perfect collage myself. So when Eirin posted this one earlier this week I was so happy. The perfect fall feeling!  You can find it here, among with others she has made.

I found this little tray at Bath and Body Works here in Marquette and I thought it would be perfect for some of my favorite jewelry.
I'm a huge fan of accessories and my favorite jewelry designers at the moment are Maria Black and Efva Attling. I'm wearing Maria Blacks rings everyday and my necklace and bracelet from Efva Attling is always on me. On my tray you can also see jewelry from Bjorg, YSL, American Apparel, Julie Sandlau and Bik Bok.

This weekend was unbelievable, the weather was so good that I just had to go to the beach. The water was to cold for swimming (at least for me) but the sun was so warm and the temperature was about 25 degrees. I had a great time at the beach, doing homework and getting some sun on my body. This week has been really good too, and it's nothing that makes me more happy then that. I mean, I do know that the winter will be here pretty soon and when it comes it will hit me hard. So in the meanwhile I'm enjoying wearing my skirts, dresses, shorts and sandals for at least another week.
Hope Norway is treating you good too!?!

Good morning from Marquette! It's 11.25 here at the moment and I'm still in bed. My boyfriend went to work this morning and I decided that I wanted breakfast in bed and my morning routine reading my favorite blogs. That's what's Fridays for right? I wont be staying to long though, because I have a lot on my "todo" list this weekend. Homework, workouts and getting this house ready. There is still some organizing to be done, and next Sunday my friend Renate is coming so I would love to have everything done by then.

After my breakfast I'm off to a run/powerwalk outside, the sun I shining and the temperature is not bad today. My knee on the other side did not treat me good after last weekends run, it's been swollen and hurting. It's better now, but I got to take it slow today. Maybe I'll stop by later, if not have a good weekend!

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Jeg heter Cecilie og flyttet til USA i januar for å studere på Northern Michigan University i Marquette, hvor jeg studerer Business. Jeg har stor interresse for dans og mote. Hjemme i Norge jobber jeg som ekstrahjelp på Bik Bok Gulskogen, verdens beste arbeidsplass. I am hooked on social media and huge starbucks lover

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