I can't believe it's Thursday already, this week has been going by so fast. I'm starting late today and a little me time with breakfast in bed has become a tradition for Thursday mornings. Last night I spent 2 1/2 hours in the dance studio, teaching jazz and preparing for this weeks workshop at Donna's Dance Studio. They even put up an article about me in the news paper, my second time being in Iron Mountains news paper...haha.

We are leaving to IM after my Golden Glitz practice tonight, so I have get started packing before I go to school. Can't wait to spend the weekend in IM at Tyler's grandparents, we always have such a good time. Btw: For those of you who wonder how my nails turned out....well not good, they did such a shitty job that there is no point in showing them. Next time I'll do it in IM again.  

Pictures: We Heart It

Welcome Saturday! Today Aino and I are going to the nail salon here in Marquette to fix our nails. I think I want something lighter this time and hopefully will they be able to make them fun as well. I really love the nails on the first picture by fashiiondiaries, crossing my fingers that they can do something like those. I'll stop by later to show you what we ended up with. We are also going to Northern Michigan's football game today, I haven't been to a game yet so I think it would be a lot of fun. Hope you all have a great Saturday.

Acne launched their first underwear collection two days ago and I love the high waist panties, looks so comfortable.
The model is Hildie Gifstad. We attended Gateway College together in NY and I think it's so cool that she still works as a model and got a campaign for Acne. Way to go!

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I have about one hour to relax in bed before I have to head into the shower and get ready for school. Fridays are usually my day off, but today I have a math replacement test at 3pm and then a lab to attend at 4.30pm. I'll be meeting a guy at school at 11 that will help me before my math test and hopefully will I do good enough to skip 090 math. Keep your fingers crossed today.

I'm going to try to get a dance session at the dance studio later tonight to, before I will spend the rest of the night at the couch! Hope you have a nice Friday, and enjoy your weekend. Just have to tell you that it makes me so happy to see that there is more and more people visiting my blog again. THANK YOU!

I got an A on my exam yesterday and I couldn't have been more happy!!
All my studying finally paid off.

Wow, this week is way to busy! There I a lot to do at school, we are half into the semester and the tests are coming more frequently as well has all the hand in assignments. On Monday I also realized that I had a new course starting, Microsoft Application for Business Solution. I was totally unprepared and wow does this class have a lot of homework, 2-3 assignments for each class...puh!

Today I have my Business law exam which I've been studying a lot for, so I really hope I can do good. On Friday my math replacement test is coming up and I really hope I can test out of math 090 and go straight to next level. If that wasn't enough, I have also signed up for two lab experiments to earn some extra credits.

And then there is dance! I love that i'm dancing as much a I do now. I have ballet classes two times a week. Wednesday night I have rehearsal for the dance concert where I'm choreographing a piece. Thursday nights I have Golden Glitz practice (my hip hop dance team at NMU). Friday and Sunday I will be in the studio preparing for next weekends workshop at Donna's Dance Studio in IM.

My weekend will be all about dance and homework.

Shopbop is having their 3 days, 25% off sale starting today!
There is so many pretty things there right now, I'm craving so much. My wallet on the other hand thinks I should stay away... haha.
Hope you find something you like. They have free shipping and usually delivers within 3 days.

I don't know if you remember that I was craving a pair of shoes from Zara last season that are pretty similar to these. Well, I never bought them and I have regret ever since, every time I walk into a Zara store I just have to ask if they still have the shoe. I know it was on sale, but every store is empty. Well now Zara got this pair and I love it even more then the last one. These might be mine this season...if my student money can afford it!

I don't have any classes before 11 on Thursdays, so I always try to have a relaxed morning with breakfast, blog reading and Good Morning America. (Americas, God Morgen Norge). The other nice part about starting late is that I actually get a change to look through my wardrobe and dress a little nicer for the day. Usually I have ballet in first class and it's so hard to dress functional and cool for both ballet and school at the same time...

My favorite cup from Arne Jacobsen,. For Christmas I wish for more cool stuff from his design.
Sweater//Mary Kate and Ashley Bik Bok Cardigan//Acne Leather pants//Topshop Rings//Bjorg/Maria Black/Urban Outfitters/Pilgrim Bracelet//Evfa Attling

If you ever find your self in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee area) you would have to stop at a Colectivo Café. Forget all about Starbucks, this coffee is so good, the green smoothie was amazing and their food is healthy and delicious. To bad this concept is only located in Wisconsin, I really hope it will expand and find it's way up to the Upper Peninsula.

Two weekends ago I fixed my nails in Iron Mountain again. This time I went for a deep burgundy/pink ish color and I couldn't have been more happy.

Since Renate was here visiting me this week we decided to take a road trip this weekend. We rented a car and drove down to Milwaukee, where we stayed 3 nights in a hotel.  It takes 1 1/2 by train from Milwaukee to get to Chicago. We ordered tickets and 8 am Friday morning we sat on the train towards Chicago. Either of us had ever been in Chicago so we planed on being real tourists for the day. I took a lots of pictures for you to enjoy.

The first place to visit in Chicago is without a doubt The Willis Tower, best known as Sears Towers. This is USA's tallest building and 8th tallest in the Word at 1,450 feet!! On a clear day you cab see four states from the tower, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. This is a must see in Chicago, and off course you have to go to the Skydeck Ledge at the 103rd floor.

 You can see the four glass boxes all the way at the top of the building.

Another must see in Chicago is the famous silver bean - Cloud Gate.

Even though shopping was not our priority in Chicago, we had to visit Michigan street, it reminded me of 5th avenue in New York City a lot of high fashion stores. We had to stop at Topshop, Bloomingdale and Zara. There was a lot more to visit, but with a low budget we had to control our self. We ended the night at The Navy Pier where ate dinner and had some drinks.

10 hours went by really fast and I will definitely go back to Chicago again!!

Renate snapped this picture of me yesterday, I'm so happy with this sweater and I know it will be used a lot this winter. Today we are going on a road trip! We will be driving to Milwaukee tonight, then our plan is to do some serious shopping there tomorrow and on Friday we are going to Chicago! Can't wait to see a new city and have some fun, we are going to be real tourists and visit all must seen places in Chicago. The camera will off course come with me.  

I love to change up my background once in a while, but I don't always have time to make the perfect collage myself. So when Eirin posted this one earlier this week I was so happy. The perfect fall feeling!  You can find it here, among with others she has made.

I found this little tray at Bath and Body Works here in Marquette and I thought it would be perfect for some of my favorite jewelry.
I'm a huge fan of accessories and my favorite jewelry designers at the moment are Maria Black and Efva Attling. I'm wearing Maria Blacks rings everyday and my necklace and bracelet from Efva Attling is always on me. On my tray you can also see jewelry from Bjorg, YSL, American Apparel, Julie Sandlau and Bik Bok.

This weekend was unbelievable, the weather was so good that I just had to go to the beach. The water was to cold for swimming (at least for me) but the sun was so warm and the temperature was about 25 degrees. I had a great time at the beach, doing homework and getting some sun on my body. This week has been really good too, and it's nothing that makes me more happy then that. I mean, I do know that the winter will be here pretty soon and when it comes it will hit me hard. So in the meanwhile I'm enjoying wearing my skirts, dresses, shorts and sandals for at least another week.
Hope Norway is treating you good too!?!

Good morning from Marquette! It's 11.25 here at the moment and I'm still in bed. My boyfriend went to work this morning and I decided that I wanted breakfast in bed and my morning routine reading my favorite blogs. That's what's Fridays for right? I wont be staying to long though, because I have a lot on my "todo" list this weekend. Homework, workouts and getting this house ready. There is still some organizing to be done, and next Sunday my friend Renate is coming so I would love to have everything done by then.

After my breakfast I'm off to a run/powerwalk outside, the sun I shining and the temperature is not bad today. My knee on the other side did not treat me good after last weekends run, it's been swollen and hurting. It's better now, but I got to take it slow today. Maybe I'll stop by later, if not have a good weekend!

Tyler and I are in Iron Mountain this weekend, visiting his grandparents. I have wanted to do my nails for a long time now, but I haven't really trusted anyone else than Marte. But today I decided to try the nail salon at the mall here in Iron Mountain. I'm so happy with the outcome and it helped a lot that they where using the exact same brand as Marte use when she is doing my nails. It cost 35$ for shellac and a manicure, a very nice price compared to Norway. I'm a big fan of red so I played it pretty safe this time, but next time I might change it up a bit. What do you think? You like it? (fun fact: There was a man that did them!)

I'm back in Marquette again, moved in to a little house with my boyfriend and last week school started. Wow, summer in Norway went by so fast and I didn't really find any time to blog. I have updated my instagram account a lot though, and yesterday I reached 700 followers! Thanks. I will try to blog more frequently now, I know there are people back in Norway that want to read about my life here in the US. So please let me know what you want to read more about?

Tonight me and my boo is just relaxing a home, with some tacos and Locked Up on TV. Our little home is getting real nice and I will show you some pictures real soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! The weather is very nice in Marquette at the moment, so I'm enjoying it as much as I can.  

How cute are these water bottles I bought at Europris today? Only 15kr each, and they have a lot of different colors for the cap as well. I know for sure that I will drink more water in the future, they are just to pretty not to. I filled them up with cucumbers and watermelon today, and it tastes like heaven on a bottle.  

My breakfast this morning, treated my self with a croissant, iced coffee and some watermelon. A perfect start! Now I'm more than ready to get started with todays todo list, I'm going to paint the fence around my deck, paint around my windows and then later tonight I have dance practice again. Not long before the European Championship in Bonn. This week we gave 18 hours of dance practice, so much fun, but also a lot of hard work. I'm so excited to go to Germany next weekend and show everyone our routine that we have been working so hard on. Well enough "me-time", time to start painting.

What a great weekend in Norway, the weather has been beyond beautiful, so sunny and warm. Nothing beats Norwegian summer at it's best. Today I met Lene and her daughter Linnea in Drammen for lunch and coffee at Pigen, we even got a free strawberry daiquiri (without alcohol off course), it was so refreshing and perfect in the sun.  Lene snapped this photo of me and we where both so happy with the outcome, especially seeing her trying to take this photo, baby in one hand camera in the other, I was sure it would be the most blurry picture ever. I couldn't been more wrong. I hope you all have enjoyed the weather this weekend, and I'm sure we have more good days coming up, someone told me it would be even warmer tomorrow...puh.

God lørdag! Ser det er alt for lenge siden jeg har vært her inne nå, men tiden har gått så uendelig fort siden jeg kom hjem fra USA. Tenk at det er tre uker siden allerede. Den siste tiden hjemme har blitt brukt til mye jobbing, både på Step In og Bik Bok, treffe familie og venner igjen og rett å slett bli litt vandt til å være her i Norge. I dag har jeg jobbet 6 timer på Step In og etter jobb lagde jeg meg en nydelig kylling salat og koste meg med Shape Up utgaven med fine Kristina Andersen på forsiden.

I dag skal jeg bare slappe av hjemme, kjenner at jeg trenger å bare være med meg selv littegran, da det har gatt i ett de siste ukene. Lade opp batteriene til 4 timers dansetrening i morgen, det er kun 3 uker til EM og de neste ukene blir det opptrapping på trening og ikke minst kosthold. Viktig å være i form til en slik konkurranse. Selv om middagen min ser super sunn ut i dag, skal jeg selvfølgelig kose meg med litt smågodt og sjokkis til kvelds, sammen med noen episoder Sons of Anarchy, fått litt dilla kan du si. Nyt lørdagen enten du er hjemme, på fest eller kanksje på ferie.

Det er noen elementer man alltid har bruk for i garderoben. To av disse er et svart skinnskjørt og stripete klassisk skjorte. Skjørte kjøpte jeg på HM Trend for flere år siden og det kommer alltid til nytte. Skjorten er ny fra Bik Bok, skjønner ikke hvordan jeg har klart meg uten, den er perfekt å kombinere til ulike looks. Dette kommer helt sikker til p bli brukt mye i sommer. I dag kombinerte jeg antrekket med hvite Birkenstock sandaler, beige Alexander Wang mini rocco veske og sølv smykker. En stor klokke fra Michael Kors og ringer fra Maria Black, Day Biger et Mikkelsen og Charlotte Torstvedt for Pilgrim. Neglakken er i fargen Holiday fra Chanel og en sommer favoritt jeg aldri går lei.

Litt forsinket 17.mai antrekk. På dagen hadde jeg på meg den fine bunaden min, men etter en lang dag er det deilig å hoppe inn i noe annet på kvelden, som gjør det mulig å nyte litt ekstra grillmat. Jeg er forelsket i den nye kimonoen min fra Bik Bok og dette er helt klart et plagg som kommer til å bli brukt mye i sommer. I dag skal jeg style den med slitte ola shorts og en enkelt topp, det blir dagens jobb antrekk.

I dag har jeg vært hjemme en uke, så langt har tiden gått veldig fort og jeg har ikke hatt så mye tid til å savne USA. Akkurat nå nyter jeg Norge, leiligheten min, venner og familie, det er mange å møte så dagene er fullbooket. I tillegg er jeg i gang med danse treninger igjen å det er så deilig, nå blir det 6 uker med hard kjør frem til EM i slutten av Juni. Åååå som vi gleder oss! Nyt resten av onsdagen, nå er det tid for å vaske litt før jobb kl 16 på Bik Bok Gulskogen, ta gjerne en tur innom, masse fine varer nå!

Da er jeg ferdig med første flytur og er nå på plass i Detroit. Her skal jeg vente i 3 timer før turen går videre til Amsterdam og Norge. Når jeg reiser så langt som jeg gjør er jeg alltid opptatt av å ha på meg noe komfortabelt, men jeg vil samtidig ha følelsen av å være litt "dresses up" if you know what I mean? Tightsen er ny fra Nike og den er sinnsykt digg, litt tykkere i stoffet slik at det kjennes ut som en bukse, samtidig knyter jeg alltid noe rundt livet når jeg bruker tights, da jeg ikke syns tights i seg selv er så flatterende. Nike Air Max'ene er som jeg har skrevet før utrolig behagelige og perfekte på en lang reise som dette. Ola jakka mi kjøpte jeg i en triftshop i USA for hele 10kr!!!!! Altså, helt latterlig billig. Sitter i skrivende stund med en kaffe fra Starbucks, men snart skal jeg gå å kikke litt i butikkene her. Vi snakkes når jeg er hjemme i Norge. Bye for now.

De fleste av dere ligger å sover nå, mens jeg akkurat har spist et hærlig taco måltid med Tyler sine besteforeldre og nå koser jeg meg med Dance Moms på tv. Wow for et press de ungene er under hele tiden, de er fantastiske dansere, men jeg er redd interessen for dans slutter før de bli gamle nok til en profesjonell karriere. Spesielt med alt det drama blandt foreldrene deres, er vel det som gir god tv underholdning. Ops, der skle alt litt ut..haha. Om et par timer er T ferdig på jobb, i kveld skal vi bare slappe av å kose oss med popcorn og Sons of Anarchy! I morgen tidlig går flyet mitt tilbake til Norge og jeg ser mest sannsynlig ikke min kjære igjen før i slutten av August. Selv om jeg ikke vil dra fra han gleder jeg meg masse til å se alle hjemme igjen, komme tilbake til leiligheten min, jobbe på Bik Bok og Step In, og generelt ha en super fin Norsk sommer. Skal prøve å få blogget i løpet av reisen i morgen også, 3 flyturer venter på meg før jeg lander i Oslo.

I bought these Nike Air Max shoes in Orlando, and I am totally in love with them. Not only are they really pretty to look at, but they are very comfy as well. Can't believe I haven't bought these shoes earlier, this will definitely not be my last pair. I will try to wear them for everyday use and not for my workouts in the first place, they are almost to pretty to run in. What do you think, do you like them?

Hallo! Snakk om en perfekt start på denne kalde onsdags morgenen. Kjæresten har et intervju i Marquette kl 8 i dag, så da valgte jeg å bli satt av på 3rd street bagel, mitt favoritt sted her i Marquette. Frukt, bagel og ikke minst Rasberry Chai Latte får fylle opp magen min i dag. Seinere blir det en løpetur rundt Lake Antione også skal jeg og Tylers bestemor på kino å se The Other Woman! Har hørt mye bra om den så det blir nok veldig koselig, noen som har sett den? Jeg er ferdig på skolen, så mens Tyler jobber kveld må jeg finne på litt forskjellig selv. Det blir mye god mat med besteforeldrene hans og avslapping foran tv'n, men det er bare deilig å kunne nyte den siste tiden jeg har her. Om en uke reiser jeg tilbake til Norge og der blir jeg i 3 mnd, gleder meg til å se familie og venner igjen, og ikke minst til den norske maten...haha. Mat er livet! Nå må jeg runde av her å nyte maten min. Ha en fin onsdag.

My boyfriend and I are selling Vintage Levi's Shorts, if you are interests please send me an email at Cessa_h@hotmail.com. They cost 300kr + shipping, they come in all sizes, the colors my varies.

http://www.bazar.no/annonse/vintage-levis-shorts-10060938 more pictures and info.

The last night in Orlando we went out to eat with all the Norwegian teams. We went to a really cool restaurant called Texas and Brazil, you pay for a buffet and then you have a card on the table with green and red sides on it. When you want meet you turn the card on green and then all kinds of meet is coming to you, when you have enough you turn it back to red again. The food was delicious and the concept was really cool, it was a little pricey, but def. worth it!   

A perfect ending for a perfect trip!

legg meg til som venn

Jeg heter Cecilie og flyttet til USA i januar for å studere på Northern Michigan University i Marquette, hvor jeg studerer Business. Jeg har stor interresse for dans og mote. Hjemme i Norge jobber jeg som ekstrahjelp på Bik Bok Gulskogen, verdens beste arbeidsplass. I am hooked on social media and huge starbucks lover

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